Projects at JKU Linz

11/2022-06/2023, Seed project on "Responsible Internet", Role: PI

19.7.2021, Young Scientists Workshop on Human Drone Teaming (together with Manuela Pollak and Andrea Salfinger), Role: senior researcher (supervisor)

Summer 2020, Science Holidays: Distance Estimation by BLE (together with Bernhard Etzlinger et al.), Role: senior researcher (supervisor of app development)

2018 - 2019, OEAD Project (partners JKU, Univ. of Debrecen) Performance Analysis of Cloud-based Infocommunication Systems, Role: senior researcher

Past projects at ETH Zurich

SWARMIX: Synergistic Interactions in Swarms of Heterogeneous Agents
2011 - 2014, national Swiss project on integrating the specific capabilities of dogs, robots (UAVs), and humans by means of a communication infrastructure in joint missions such as search and rescue operations. Role: technical project manager and key reseacher

FLYNET 2014, ETH Zurich, November 3-5, 2014 , SNF workshop

MOVE-R: Improving the Realism of Mobility and Cooperation Models in Opportunistic Networks
2011 - 2013, EU FP7 Marie Curie fellowship on developing realistic mobiltiy and co-presence models, device models and cooperation algorithms, and on traffic reference patterns. Contributions to the EU projects SCAMPI (Service platform for soCial Aware Mobile and Pervasive computIng) and OpenLab , Role: key researcher

Bringing Internet Access to Disconnected Populations of Developing Countries with Smartphones and Opportunistic Communications
2012 - 2014, Sawiris Foundation Fellowship (Awardee: Abdullah Alhussainy), Role: co-supervisor

e-VENETs: Electric Vehicle Networks (e-VENTEs) - Future Networking for Low-Emission Human Mobility
2011 - 2012, Euro-NF specific research project on mobility modeling in networking research. Role: key researcher

Past projects at University of Vienna

Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems
2009 - 2013, COST Action IC0804 on energy efficiency research in networked and distributed systems. Role: Working group 2 co-chair, focus group "Green Wireless" founder and co-chair

2010 - 2012, Austrian national founded industry-near project on deriving traffic patterns from cellular mobility data. Role: formerly UniVie project leader, key researcher

Euro-NF (prolonged Euro-NGI/Euro-FGI): Network of the Future
2008 - 2012, EU FP7 Network of Excellence on future Internet and networking research. Role: key researcher

  • MOPP-NET: Realistic Mobility Modeling for Opportunistic Computing
    2010 - 2011, Euro-NF specific joint research project; Role in the project: project leader and key researcher
  • MOMO: Multi-Overlays for Multi-hOming - A Wireless Mesh Network Use Case
    2009 - 2010, Euro-NF specific joint research project; Role: project leader, key researcher
  • EEWMI: Energy Efficiency in Wireless Mesh Infrastructures
    2009 - 2011, Euro-NF specific joint research project on energy efficiency in a heterogeneous wireless mesh invironment. Role: key researcher
  • CAMYM: Context-Aware Mobility in Wireless Mesh Networks
    2008 - 2009, Euro-NF specific joint research project on introducing context awareness to create virtual networks onto a wireless mesh network strucutre. Role: key researcher
  • VHE: Virtual Home Environments
    2007 - 2008, Euro-FGI specific joint research project on analytical models for caculcating energy versus performance trade-offs along typical home applications. Role: key researcher

Repository for Decentralized and Self-* Algorithms
2008 - 2009, University of Vienna funded focus project on setting up a repository for decentralized algorithms and implementing major algorithms as use cases. Role: project leader

AMASL: Ambient Assisted Shared Living
2009 - 2011, national Austrian funded FFG project on providing home services for elderly people to improve safety and joy in households dislocated from relatives. Role: key researcher

Resource-efficient mobility prediction
2009 - 2010, bilateral French-Austrian AMADEUS project on providing models for energy-efficient mobility estimation and prediction. Role: Austrian team leader

Austrian Grid Initiative - Phase 2
2007 - 2010, national Austrian BMWF funded project on grid computing. Role: co-leader of WP on "Ubiquitous Grids"

2006 - 2010, national funded project on self-adaptive software (use case self-adaptive SIP protocol enhancement based on decision trees). Role: key researcher (2006-2007)

QoS Assurance in Mobile Service Oriented Grid Architectures
2006 - 2007, WTZ bilateral Hungarian-Austrian project on creating a platform for service oriented development in mobile grids. Role: project leader

Mobility-Aware Replication Techniques in Pervasive Information Systems
2006 - 2007, bilateral French-Austrian AMADEUS project on using mobility-awareness of clients to improve replication in a distributed system of server caches. Role: project leader

Austrian Grid Initative - Phase 1
2004 - 2007, national BMWF funded project on grid computing where we focused on types of mobile grid computing. Role: key researcher

AKSIS / AMBIENCE - System Architecture and Services for Ubiquitous, Context-Aware Information Systems
2001 - 2002, ITEA project AMBIENCE with national Austrian funding for a sub-period of the project runtime on develeping a middleware for ambient intelligence. Role: participating junior researcher