Teaching at JKU Linz


In the frame of the seminar in pervasive computing, Harald Zeitlhofer and Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace will talk about their experiences and visions on the Internet of Things on Tue, June 19, 2018 at 14:15-15:15, JKU Linz HS 19 (Science Park 3). This is an open lecture - feel free to join! More information can be found here >>>

Open thesis and practical projects on mobile systems

In case of interest, feel free to contact me at karin_anna.hummel@jku.at.

Thesis/practical in cooperation with industry: Practical at kappa, Austria: mobile app development in the frame of zero emission solutions

Thesis/practical on opportunistic wireless networks (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

Thesis/practical on communication technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Thesis/practical on human mobility modeling

Thesis/practical on mobile network measurement app

Supervised PhD, master, and bachelor students (ongoing)

Rene Gabner (PhD student): Mobile cloud computing

Manuela Pollak (PhD student, co-supervision with Prof. G. Anderst-Kotsis): Human machine teaming

Johannes Mittendorfer (master student): Block-chain technology leveraged in the IoT (Internet of Things)

Markus Hiesmair (master student): Reliable drive-by parking space detection

Kai Knabl (master student, co-supervision with Prof. M. Sonntag): Security in smart home networks

Alexander Ritt (bachelor student): Machine-learning for reliable exercise repetition detection on smart phones


Seminar in Pervasive Computing: IoT (Internet of Things), spring 2017, spring 2018

Mobile Computing, autumn 2015/16, spring 2016, autumn 2016/17, autumn 2017/18

Software Development 2 (practical lecture on Java object-oriented programming), spring 2016 and 2017, autumn 2017/18, spring 2018

Project in Pervasive Computing (practical), autumn 2015/16, autumn 2016/17, autumn 2017/18

Teaching at University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien


Computer Networks, spring 2016 and 2017 and 2018

App Development, spring 2016 and 2017

Teaching at ETH Zurich

Co-supervised PhD student (finished)

Mahdi Assadpour: Location-aware forwarding in micro aerial vehicle networks (2015)

Co-supervised master and semester students (finished)

Mario Burger and Fabian Schuiki: Mission-aware forwarding in micro aerial vehicle networks, semester thesis (2015)

Jan Haller: Hybrid opportunistic networking, master thesis (2014)

Stefan Draskovic: Designing a routing algorithm for UAV swarms based on simulation and measurements, semester thesis (2014)

Sandra Siby: Energy profiles of opportunistic networking operations, semester thesis (2013)

Ramon Hofer: Aerial Wi-Fi communications, semester thesis (2013)

Adrian Friedli: Routing in multi-hop aerial Wi-Fi networks, semester thesis (2012)


Communication Networks (parts on WLAN MAC, transport protocols), spring 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Guest lecture on Mobility Modeling in the frame of Advanced Topics in Communication Networks, autumn 2011, 2012 and SDN for Mobile Networks in the frame of Advanced Topics in Communication Networks 2014: Software Defined Networks

Teaching at University of Vienna

Co-supervised PhD students (finished)

Andrea Hess: Representative Mobility Modeling and Its Application to Disruption-Tolerant Networking (2014)

(until 2011) Danilo Valerio: Leveraging Cellular Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Road Traffic Inference and I2V Communication (2014)

(until 2011) Muhammad Imran: Provenance in Clouds (2014)

(guest research visit, 6 months in 2010) Igor Pernek, student of University of Maribor, Mobile assistants for healthy living (2013)

Diploma and bachelor theses (finished)

Cornelia Travnicek: Intelligent Transportation Systems - Reduction of Network Disruptions by Means of Opportunistic Networking, 2009

Igor Pernek: Lowering the Communication Barrier with the Help of Mobile Social Networks (Co-Supervision; extern: University of Maribor, Slovenia), 2009

Martin Spitzer: [German] Verteilte Kontextakquisition und Serviceausfuehrung im Einsatz fuer Mobile Business Solutions, 2009 (external: TU Wien)

Martin Christl: [Austrian Grid Project] Movement-aware Data Collection and Integration into a Data Grid, 2008

Stefan Niessner: Self-adapting Personal Assistants in Ubiquitous Computing Enviroments, 2008 (external: TU Wien)

Andrea Hess: Context-Sensing Framework, 2008 (Co-supervision; external: TU Wien)

Stefan Zahradnik: [German] Sicherstellung der Privatsphaere in ubiquitaeren RFID basierten Systemen, 2007

Georg Boehs: [Austrian Grid Project] Mobile Access to Grid Knowledge Discovery Services, 2007 (external: TU Wien)

Gerda Jelleschitz: Robust Decentralized Job Scheduling in Mobile Ad-hoc Grids, 2006

Andreas Trost: Mobility Models, 2006 (Co-supervision, external: TU Wien)

Thomas Strini: Consensus and Voting using JavaSpaces, 2005 (Co-supervision)

Martin Bernhardt: [German] Multimediale und traditionelle Bueroapplikationen auf mobilen Telephonen - Java-basierte Fallstudie und Ableitung von Anforderungen, 2003 (Co-supervision)

Horst Weissenboeck: Mobile-Learning, 2002 (Co-supervision)


Mobile Computing (VU, oral lecture and lab): SS 2014, SS 2013, SS 2011, SS 2010, SS 2009, SS 2008, SS 2007, FS (WS) 2005/2006

KFK-VS/PVS: [German] Praktikum Vernetzte Systeme (Lab on Networked Systems, formerly: Praktikum Wireless Systems): FS (WS) 2010/11, FS 2009/2010, FS 2008/2009, FS 2007/08, SS 2007, SS 2006, SS 2005, SS 2004, SS 2003

Great Principles of IT, SE (seminar): FS (WS) 2010/11, FS 2009/10, FS 2008/09

[German] Technische Grundlagen und Systemsoftware, UE (Technical Basics of Computer Science and Systemsoftware -- laboratory lecture): FS (WS) 2007/08, FS 2006/07

Advanced Media Technologies, VU (oral lecture and lab): FS (WS) 2006/07

[German] Grundzuege der Informatik VI - Programming Techniques: SS 2001, SS 2000

Communication Systems, [German] Kommunikationssysteme (KS), Lab Lectures: FS (WS) 1998/99 -- SS 2002

[German] Proseminar aus Wirtschaftsinformatik: SS 2000, SS 1999